• 13/1/13

    3 June at 10:27 from atlas

    To all who want a good job done with their concreting, I have no hesitation in recommending Grant Galloway Concreting Pty Ltd. Grant Galloway and his team have been doing varied concreting jobs for me over a period of 10 years, the last being a job of cutting out rough areas on a factory floor, and recementing these areas so that forklifts can proceed safely without fear that loads will be lost. The finished result was everything I'd hoped for.......smooth new surfaces, reinforced properly, and linking in with the older surrounding concrete. The best and most complex job Grant and his team did for me was to lay a large new extended area of concrete in a loading area in such a way that the concrete matched up perfectly with the existing concrete and bitumen driveway and followed the land contours in such a way as to drain off rainwater perfectly. This required great perception and intelligence. Being an older factory site, the older concrete had deteriorated in many areas reqiring some large areas to be replaced entirely. All these jobs have been accomplished expertly and with efficiency. He makes appointments for the job to be done and keeps to the schedule, so that there is minimal disturbance to tenants. This is also a positive consideration in choosing Grant Galloway Pty Ltd to do any concreting work required. Elaine Trevarthen, a very satisfied customer.



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